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The Secret Sauce to Your Programmatic Advertising Initiatives

This article and accompanying infographic was published in Modern Marketing Xchange (MMX), May 13, 2016 In today’s crowded advertising landscape, it’s tough to get away with being anything but programmatic. But while programmatic advertising, or the automated process of buying digital media inventory, is fast becoming an absolute necessity, it’s just as important to know […]

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Your CPAs Are Only Going Up

Investing more in customer acquisition, while keeping media execution efficiency constant, guarantees that your cost to acquire each marginal customer is going to increase; CPA’s only go up.  The reason the cost of acquisition goes up is because your media has to work harder and harder to acquire the more marginal prospects. Your lowest CPA […]

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Spring to Shop

Ah, Spring. As the weather keeps improving, we’re springing to shop and partake in our favorite outdoor activities. So just what are we shopping for this season? Check out our recent addition to the WTQ Infographic series, Spring to Shop – Your Favorite Outdoor Activities are Calling, and learn what’s trending in shopping data. All data […]

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Mother’s Day 2016: What Did You Shop for?

Mother’s Day 2016 is a wrap! So what were we shopping for leading up to the special day? Not surprisingly, the gifts we sought out were as unique and diverse as our lovely mamas. Looking at real-time shopping interactions across The Qniverse, we’ve noticed the following behavior from the beginning of April to the week […]

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