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ownerIQ Launches Duress Shopper, a New Media Product Powered by Second-Party Data

Reaching shoppers at moments in need with transparent second-party data BOSTON, MA (April 20, 2016) – ownerIQ, the leaders in second-party data; announced today the release of Duress Shopper, a new programmatic solution which helps advertisers identify consumers actively searching for product support and service information in an effort to convert them into new purchasers […]

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Let’s Get Real (Transparent) – Find More Buyers with Second-Party Data

We’re all shoppers. Likewise, we’re all buyers. The difference between these two self-identifying nouns seems minuscule; buyers complete the act of making a purchase, whereas shoppers are really both, buyers and browsers. This seemingly small difference is at the heart of what advertisers and marketers all over the world spend their days ruminating over – […]

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How to Become a Programmatic Pro

As featured in Inc.com, Steve Ustaris, ownerIQ CMO, shares his insights on how to build a successful programmatic strategy. What drew your interest in marketing technology, and specifically programmatic? I started working at the media agency, Carat, in 1999-2000. Back then, I was assigned to the AOL ISP campaign, so you can say I was […]

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Frequency Capping: Why ownerIQ Made it Dynamic

Programmatic advertising – everyone’s doing it. And for good reason. Today’s digital world is more cluttered and complex than ever, and programmatic’s power of automation is one of the many ways to help to simplify the process. But the need for programmatic stretches far beyond automation; buying media at lighting speed is useless unless that […]

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Retailers and Brands: A Match Made When…Shopping

You may have heard this before: 50% of the consumers who visit your brand website will make a related purchase in the next 30 days. In fact, 83% of them won’t buy from the brand’s website. And most likely, this purchase will take place at some local or online retailer. Savvy retailers know that brand audiences […]

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