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Posts from 2016

Data Sharing Made Seamless

When it comes to perfecting your marketing and advertising campaigns, utilizing data – or rather audience data – remains a top priority. While paramount, reaching the right in-market consumer with your message is almost always a challenge. There’s often not enough first-rate and qualified data (ahem, first-party data). There’s often too much third-rate and obscure […]

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Get Creative This Holiday Season

If you’re familiar with ownerIQ, you know that we believe everything starts with data, second-party data that is. But we don’t stop there… When coupled with our turnkey creative capabilities, our unique second-party data strategy targets the right user not only at the right time and on the right device, but with the right, most […]

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The Four Biggies of Second-Party Data

Data is the lifeblood of every marketer. Simple. And a fact. Today’s consumers are most responsive to targeted, relevant advertising based upon their preferences and needs. In order to meet this need, companies are dedicating significant budget and resources to collecting website audience data and building out robust customer profiles. This first-party data, while valuable […]

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The (Online) Shoppers Are Coming!

Holiday spending is expected to exceed $634 Billion this year. We’re sure you’re aware that consumers are choosing to purchase more and more of these products online, but did you know that 80% of ALL consumers research product and brands online prior to making a purchase, whether or not that purchase is online or in […]

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