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MediaPost: The Advent Of Second-Party Data

Extra! Extra! Read all about second-party data! The industry is all over the hottest data set, and we’re happy to report that this fine data segment is not looking like just another data trend. Why? Because it’s proving seriously useful in all three categories marketers and advertisers deem critical for data success: transparent, relevant, and […]

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Why You Need to Be Thinking About Second-Party Data

As previously published in Chief Marketer Data…we’re practically swimming in it. It’s all around us; used for virtually everything. The meaning of data really depends on what it’s being used for and who’s using it. For marketers and advertisers, the most common forms of data are first-party data, second-party data, and third-party data. Here’s a […]

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Why Everyone Is Talking Second-Party Data

If you find yourself asking, “what is second-party data and why do I need it in my digital marketing initiatives?” Ask no more. The Q has you covered with our latest Infographic, which explains the difference between first, second and third-party data, and provides simple examples to help illustrate the benefits of each data set […]

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The ownerIQ Difference: Co-Op Advertising

At ownerIQ, we know how challenging it is to run a business in today’s increasingly competitive landscape. From ordering merchandise to selling product on the floor, staffing, payroll, deliveries – you name it, you’re probably doing it. If you are selling manufactured products, there is a good chance that you have some co-op marketing funds […]

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