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ownerIQ Welcomes Fragrance.com as a Retail Partner

We’re excited to announce Fragrance.com as ownerIQ’s latest retail partner! The addition of Fragrance.com extends our offering to reach the largest online group of fragrance and beautify shoppers. Pretty, pretty awesome! Fragrance.com is the trusted destination for fragrance and beauty products for personal care shoppers and gift-givers. The site offers over 17,000 different products, including […]

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Why It’s Time to Take Second-Party Data Mobile

Second-party data – you’ve read all about it. It’s that essential data set that enables transparent access to a trusted and relevant partner’s first-party data. In a nutshell, second-party data assures a cooperative relationship that can be preexisting (a brand that already sells through a retailer) or entirely new, creating a new means for advertising […]

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ownerIQ’s Self-Service Platform: The Latest and Greatest Updates

Designed specifically to simplify the process of managing data partnerships, ownerIQ’s Self-Service Platform (aka Cooperative Audience Exchange, or simply, CoEx) is today’s only transparent second-party data sharing marketplace. The platform houses over 600 retailer, brand, and ecommerce partners that are able to safely and securely transform the browsing behavior on their website into rich advertising […]

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Newsflash: Shoppers don’t go shopping. Shoppers DO shopping.

It’s only natural that changing times bring forth changing behavior. The new digital customer journey is contributing to the already jumbled shopping process; presenting consumers with infinitely more options – enough to make just about anyone’s head spin with questions. What to buy? Where to buy? And not necessarily in that order. Shoppers are also […]

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How One Retailer Increased In-Store Traffic with Second-Party Data

Brokering relationships is one of the most difficult steps in any business strategy. It’s also one of the most important and deciding stages in any collaborative initiative, with a partnership’s ability to either facilitate success or lead to ultimate failure. The biggest challenge of all, however, entails knowing just who to partner with for achieving […]

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