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Frequency Capping: Not All Consumers Are Created Equal

There is no denying the media marketplace is over saturated. Due to the multitude of content and advertising clutter, consumers today are engaged with media through the entire day. Brands actually need to be seen over and over and over again in order for consumers to notice AND remember them. The brands who get remembered […]

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Reporting Updates in CoEx for Deeper Insights and Transparency!

ownerIQ’s CoEx platform now has even more reporting features, giving you additional transparency into how your data is being used and how your campaigns are running. Quickly create, save and, schedule your own custom campaign reports. Choose to include additional metrics including Spend, Media Spend, Domain, Ad Exchange, Creative or Postal Code to get all […]

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ownerIQ’s solution for optimization hurdles

  In today’s digital landscape, marketplace bidding and optimization see challenges in efficiency, data sourcing, and limitations on lookalike modeling. Further, the way algorithms learn and optimize a campaign can be quite opaque, leading to little understanding of how the technology can help a client. ownerIQ has a different approach. Our partners provide us with […]

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New insights into the usage of your data within CoEx

As we continue to make transparency and choice our priority, we have launched some new updates to our CoEx platform giving users deeper insights into usage of their data and greater control over their data network. New insights into the usage of your data within CoEx: Companies who participate in any data sharing programs now have […]

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ownerIQ’s New Online-to-Offline Attribution Model Closes Shopper Loop

New attribution capability allows brands to measure campaign impact on site traffic, e-commerce and in-store sales by media channel and partner BOSTON, September, 14, 2017 – ownerIQ, the leading transparent second-party data marketplace, today introduced a new online-to-offline attribution model that will allow retailers and brands to understand how browsing and other online shopping activities […]

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