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Why Viewability KPIs Are Bad for Programmatic Performance

In his opening talk at AdExchanger’s Industry Preview last week Gary Vaynerchuk brought up the conflict that often exists between metrics and results: “The problem is that the metrics and the sales don’t match up,” he said. “That’s got to be talked about…” One key area I see that happen a lot is with viewability […]

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#QtheJob – Investor Relations Associate

The Job of the Week roundup is here! This one calls out the final Job of the Week of January and is dedicated to an exciting new position in Corporate Strategy here at the Q. Here goes… The Q is seeking an Investor Relations Associate to represent the Q within the Investment Banking and Venture […]

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Unlocking the Key to Second-Party Data: Recommendations for Success

In the age of the customer and a highly competitive business environment, smart advertisers and marketers understand that their first-party data — and the second-party data that results from partnering with a complementary retailer, brand, publisher, or marketer — can be a significant competitive advantage. In 2017, according to a new study conducted by Forrester […]

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2017 Is the Year of Open Data Systems for Retailer, Brands

Welcome to 2017, the year of transparent marketing data systems where data flows securely between retailers and brands. A new beginning for partnerships between retailers and brands is here. A new perspective on CRM and first-party data for increased sales and improved cross-channel measurement have taken hold. This year, open data systems will be mainstream […]

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The Q at SIA Snow Show 2017

Attention skiers and snow sports aficionados, the SIA Snow Show kicks off TOMORROW! The industry is powered by innovative ideas taking shape every single day. The Q knows that the right data is just what you’re looking for to stay ahead of the snowy curve. Attend our presentation, Digital Advertising Trend: Data Sharing and how […]

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