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Retailers and Brands: A Match Made When…Shopping

You may have heard this before: 50% of the consumers who visit your brand website will make a related purchase in the next 30 days. In fact, 83% of them won’t buy from the brand’s website. And most likely, this purchase will take place at some local or online retailer. Savvy retailers know that brand audiences […]

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A Time Before Ad Blocking

Humans – what a complicated species. As history has shown, we’re often perpetually indecisive and we flip flop, admit it. What’s in one day, is out the next, and all by the makings of our own short-lived declarations. Yesterday’s news, for instance, declared ad blockers the next necessary step to an annoyance-free web experience, and […]

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What Weather Prediction Tells Us About Programmatic

As I write this there is a major snow storm bearing down on New England, where I live. The storm could either hit us with a wallop or whimper. Which is more likely? Depends on which weather model you believe. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) makes the results of multiple weather models available […]

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Four Strategies Marketers Can Mirror from a Top Beauty Retailer

In Q4, 2015, a leading beauty retailer reported considerable growth in revenue for the year. Here is an analysis of the retailer’s successful branding strategies. 1. Prioritize prospects, but understand & invest in loyalty Over the course of her lifetime, the average woman is expected to spend $15,000 on makeup according to a study by Mint.com. […]

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