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CE and Home Appliance Retailer Sees Big Results and Increases Sales with ownerIQ’s Second-Party Data Sharing Solution

Second-party data is more efficient [than first and third]. We can maximize that digital dollar and drive the conversion on the website and in the store.

Kevin Lyons

SVP & GM of eCommerce, H.H. Gregg

First-party data is easy. You follow that guy from the website. But second-party is that extra spoke in the wheel. It opens up a lot more opportunity. It’s a good awareness driver. It’s just as relevant [if not more] as first- and third-party data. They complement each other very well.

Tim Trus

Associate Partner Media Strategy Paid, Owned & Earned Media, Rosetta

ownerIQ had the #2 best attributed revenue ROAS of all display partners, second only to remarketing

Jeremy Borger

Paid Media Manager, Rosetta


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hhgregg, a well-known retailer of consumer electronics and home appliances in the Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast wanted to increase awareness & sales of their CE & Appliance products.

ownerIQ Solution

Targeting Brand Audiences
Hhgregg launched a program to build a custom channel of CE & Appliance brand audiences such as LG. hhgregg also utilized ownerIQ’s partnership with MasterCard to measure lift from exposure to their campaign to offline sales.

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Business Goals

Increase sales of CE & Appliance products
Improve brand awareness
Support co-op advertising


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An average ROI of 10:1, 4x the client goal.

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The Mastercard Online to Offline study found a 13.7% average lift in spend per household and 8.6% lift in transaction size!


The program was so successful it was renewed for 2015 with an expanded brand portfolio.

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