Product Support for E-Commerce

A Fully Automated
Product Support Center

Helping your customers visualize ownership prior to purchase can greatly influence the buying decision. With PSE, you're not only providing your shoppers with an excellent support experience after they buy, but you're also arming them with the knowledge they are actively seeking out in order to make a confident purchase.

Support for your top products

With a fully automated Product Support Center, the minute you implement PSE your coverage will continually increase, beginning with your most viewed products.

Your brand's look-and-feel is maintained

Customers can save and view their User Manuals and Owner Information all within a branded environment, without having to leave the retailer's website.

Your customers can keep track of their products

by saving their purchases to their personal "Product Collection", which they can access from anywhere.

Re-engage your customers

after they purchase by directing them to your Product Support Center for out of channel support.

52% of customers are more likely to purchase

when shown how a product works vs. product reviews & ratings. 87% of these customers selected User Manuals and Support Documentation as the tool that best describes how a product works.

Influence the purchase decision

by providing content sourced directly from product owners with PSE's Owner Scores.

Provide upsell opportunities

as your customers service their products within PSE's Support Center and re-engage shoppers after they make a purchase.

Reduce no-fault returns

by providing your customers with strong product education during the research phase, as well as a robust product support platform after purchase.

Gain valuable shopper-insights

with PSE's analytics package. Learn how your shoppers interact with PSE, and how it influences sell-through on your site.

Our lightweight API

allows a Retail site to display the Owner Manual, Owner Score, and other information at will, on your product detail page. Work with us to deliver your support documentation in the way that suites your needs.

Send us a product feed and PSE will do the rest

While PSE is already loaded with over 600,000 support documents and counting, our systems will automatically determine which products are in demand on your site and will work behind the scenes to acquire the content that we are missing.

PSE offers a wide-range of implementation options

We understand that no two Ecommerce sites are the same. Our implementation options for PSE require little setup work from the Retailer's end.

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