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Our programmatic advertisers experience the game-changing power of integrating our second-party data cloud directly with our decisioning technology.

For branding clients: An audience targeting solution that allows you to deliver your ad against a specific consumer with 100% transparency and accuracy.

For direct-response advertiser: Scale your ROI beyond just re-targeting with true modeling that is full funnel and more transparent.

Data cloud

For DMPs: ownerIQ’s data segments are now available in DMP environments. For more information visit our Active Shopper page for more information.


Our Ecosystem

Our entire ecosystem is made up of over 600+ partners who are benefiting from second-party data sharing today. We have created the industry's only transparent second-party audience cloud. It contains the largest pool of shopping data in the marketplace sourced from retailers, brands and e-commerce sites.

Data cloud

Go beyond today’s traditional media buying models with second-party data.