Digital Advertising with ownerIQ

Reading your Campaign Reports

  You can check on your campaign’s progress in the Reports section of CoEx. Check reporting by campaign or set up a custom report via the ‘Custom Reports’ tab. There you’ll be able to customize metrics by clicking on the checkbox next to each parameter that you’d like to add. You’ll also be able to filter […]

Why Run Digital Advertising Campaigns?

How does digital media compare to more traditional channels like TV, radio and newspaper? Consumers spend more time online than with any other channel; running a digital advertising campaign reaches users where they are most. Other advantages of digital advertising: It’s efficient. Digital campaigns use technology to optimize to the best audience, limiting wasted spend on […]

Campaign Objectives

When creating an advertising campaign with OwnerIQ, you will work closely with your sales representative and account manager to determine the campaign objective. The objective is the primary goal that OwnerIQ’s technology will optimize towards. Objective options include: Site Visits – A pixel is required in order to choose the Site Visit objective. This objective will guide OwnerIQ’s […]

Location Targeting

Every advertising campaign needs to have a geographic target, whether that be the entire United States,  the province of Quebec, or a list of zip codes where your stores are located. Your location targeting can be set as a country (US and/or Canada), Canadian province, US state, US DMA, set of US zip codes, set of Canadian […]

ownerIQ Pixels

What is a pixel Whether you are a retailer who is running advertising campaigns, a manufacturer sharing your audience with your retailers, or one of ownerIQ’s many other brand partners,  the first step for everyone is to place an ownerIQ pixel across your site. ownerIQ will provide an analytics pixel and a conversion pixel. You can […]