For Manufacturers

Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) for Manufacturers

ownerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) program is the only solution that allows you as a manufacturer to activate your website audience, allowing retailers to run co-branded campaigns, driving sell-through of your products at retail locations. VTM allows you to strengthen relationships with regional and national retailers. Directly impacts your sales at retail. Provides an efficient, transparent and […]

Getting Started for Manufacturers

Welcome to OwnerIQ! We’re happy to have you. Now that you’re here, let’s get you started. There are just a few easy steps: 1. Place an OwnerIQ pixel on your website 2. Add a creative template set to your creative library  (creative template requirements can be found here) 3. Provide retailer list to OwnerIQ Account Manager 4. Activate […]

Audience Sharing for Manufacturers

Once you place an ownerIQ pixel on your website, you can safely and securely share your audience with your retail partners through the Audience Partners section of CoEx. This tool allows you to message, approve, or reject audience requests from retailers, create custom terms and conditions for targeting your audience, and indicate a requirement for […]

Audience Sharing – Advanced Feature

As an additional level of customization and control, those sharing their audience through CoEx have the ability to set custom terms and conditions for those requesting to use their audience. These are managed through the Provider Terms and Conditions tab in the Audience Partners section of CoEx. You can set a custom term by clicking […]

Approve an Audience Partner Request

Partners who would like to target your online audience will send an audience request via CoEx (see how to send a request here). You can approve or reject the request or send a message to the requester via the Requests tab in the Audience Partners section of CoEx. Once you approve the request, the requester […]

Creative Template Specifications

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Add a Creative Template Set to your Creative Library

Once in the Creative Library (learn how to access the library), you can upload a creative template set to share with partners who you have approved to target your audience. By providing a template set, you have control over the messaging and branding used in your retailers’ campaigns.

Share a Creative Template Set

Once you have visited the Creative Library (learn how to access the library) and uploaded a creative template set (learn how to add a template to your library), you can share the template set with partners you have approved to target your audience. By uploading and sharing a template set through your Creative Library, you are […]