For Retailers

Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) for Retailers

ownerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing (VTM) program is the only solution that allows you as a retailer to target in-market shoppers researching products on your manufacturer’s websites. ownerIQ relies on first party data directly sourced from the manufacturer website, a key resource along a consumer’s path to purchase. VTM allows you to target highly qualified, in-market […]

Getting Started for Retailers

Welcome to ownerIQ! We’re happy to have you. Now that you’re here, let’s get you started. There are just three easy steps: 1. Send Audience Requests to the manufactures you’d like to target via the Audience Partners section of CoEx  2. Add a logo to your Creative Library 3. Place an ownerIQ pixel on your […]

Adding a Logo to your Creative Library

Now that you have sent your audience requests, you’ll need to add a logo to your Creative Library. This logo can then be placed in the creative templates provided by your audience partners to make co-branded ads to be used in your campaigns. To upload your logo: Log into CoEx and click on the Audience Partners […]

Adding Co-Branded Creative to your VTM Campaign

You can add co-branded creative to your campaign at any time via the Advertising section of CoEx. Log into CoEx and click on Advertising. Find the campaign you’d like to update, click on the action button and select Creatives. Click the Add Creatives button to add a new creative. Name your creative and select the the […]

Reading your Campaign Reports

  You can check on your campaign’s progress in the Reports section of CoEx. Check reporting by campaign or set up a custom report via the ‘Custom Reports’ tab. There you’ll be able to customize metrics by clicking on the checkbox next to each parameter that you’d like to add. You’ll also be able to filter […]

Request to Target a Manufacturer’s Audience

Step-by-step guide: Now that you are up and running in CoEx, visit the Audience Partners section to review the list of manufacturer audiences available to target and begin sending audience requests. Log into CoEx and click on the Audience Partners section. In the Request an Audience Provider tab, scroll through the list of partners and select […]