Now that you have sent your audience requests, you’ll need to add a logo to your Creative Library. This logo can then be placed in the creative templates provided by your audience partners to make co-branded ads to be used in your campaigns. To upload your logo:

Log into CoEx and click on the Audience Partners section. Then click on the Creative Library button.

Audience Partners with Header

Click on the Add Creatives button.

Creative Library Add Creatives

Give your logo a name and category. Categories will help you keep track of each logo when you upload multiple versions. Select Logo from the Type drop-down.

Add New Creative - Logo

Click Choose Files and select the file you’d like to upload. Jpg is the best file format to use but you can also upload your logo as a png or gif. Click Upload.

Creative Library - choose file and upload

Your logo is now in the My Creatives tab in your Creative Library and ready for use.

Logo in Creative Library