What is a pixel

Whether you are a retailer who is running advertising campaigns, a manufacturer sharing your audience with your retailers, or one of ownerIQ’s many other brand partners,  the first step for everyone is to place an ownerIQ pixel across your site. ownerIQ will provide an analytics pixel and a conversion pixel. You can also access these pixels at any time via the My Audience section of CoEx. The analytics pixel is a piece of code that should be placed across all pages of your site. The conversion pixel should be placed on your checkout receipt, store locations, or thank you page. Sometimes you’ll hear these pixels also referred to as tags, either term refers to this code.

Why place a pixel

If you are sharing your audience with partners for use in digital campaigns, a pixel is required to gain insight into your website audience and catalog the brands and products on your pages. If you are running an advertising campaign, pixels allow ownerIQ to optimize your campaign to reach people who are most interested in your business, ensuring your campaign performs at the highest level possible.

By placing a pixel, you will also receive audience insight reporting and have the ability to see site view and conversion metrics (see Reading your campaign reports for more information on site views and conversions).  These reports can be found in the My Audience and Reports section of CoEx.

Adding a pixel

We recommend that you work closely with your web developer to help implement your ownerIQ pixels. The analytics pixel can be copied into the footer of your site and the conversion pixel should only be placed on the sales confirmation page.  If you run into any hurdles along the way, our Ad Operations team would be more than happy to jump on a call to help walk you through your questions. If you use a tag management for pixels, please email coex-support@owneriq.com as ownerIQ is integrated with many tag management systems and can assist in the implementation process.