You can add co-branded creative to your campaign at any time via the Advertising section of CoEx.

Log into CoEx and click on Advertising.¬†Find the campaign you’d like to update, click on the action button and select Creatives.

Advertising, select Creatives

Click the Add Creatives button to add a new creative.

Add Creative

Name your creative and select the the channel you’d like to run on. If you have a desktop and mobile friendly creative, 300×250 or 728×90, you can check off both channels for the same creative.

Click the Select your Creative button.

Select your Creative

Choose a creative from one of the templates you have available in your Creative Library and click Next.

Select a template in Creative Management

Select the logo from your Creative Library that you’d like featured on the creative. The logo will be placed within the template to create a co-branded ad. Click Finish.

Add logo to creative

Add a landing page url — the url for the website you’d like to drive to when someone clicks on the ad. Click Save.

The co-branded ad has been added to your campaign — you’ll see the creative name listed in the Active column on the left side of the page.

Active Creative

You can turn a creative off at any time by switching the Active toggle from green to grey — when your creative has been turned off, it will move to the Inactive list on the left side of the page. Remember to always have at least one creative (but we recommend as many as possible!) running on an Active campaign.

Inactive Creative

Please contact if you need any assistance.