July 20, 2015

ownerIQ Makes Forming Audience Partnerships even easier

We’ve made finding your perfect audience even easier with the new filtering tool in the Audience Partners section of CoEx. Choose an Audience Type and one or more Categories to narrow down the Audience Provider list to just the brands that make sense for you. Then, request away!

Audience Partner Filters with Arrows

Please contact coex-support@owneriq.com with any questions or to setup a walkthrough of the platform.


April 8, 2015

Introducing the new CoEx dashboard for Manufacturers!

With hundreds of manufacturers sharing their audience with their retail partners for use in co-branded advertising campaigns we wanted to create a dashboard specifically geared towards manufacturers participating in ownerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing program.

Manf Dash Top Half

Features on the new dashboard include:

  • Reporting on the total advertising value received by participating in Vendor Targeted Marketing.
  • Interactive map with campaign delivery by DMA, State and Province.
  • Ability to activate retailers in the manufacturer’s category by pre-approving them and inviting them to CoEx.
  • One step process to pre-approve retail partners and share creative templates.
  • Reporting on audience usage and retailer participation highlighting opportunities for growth.

Manf Dash bottom half

For more information about Vendor Targeted Marketing contact coex-support@owneriq.com.

Not a manufacturer? Don’t worry, we are currently working on new dashboards for Retailers and Advertisers. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months.


January 26, 2015

We are excited to share with you some recent changes to campaign location targeting in CoEx!

New capabilities include:

  • Editing location targeting at any point of the campaign
  • Radius targeting around U.S. Zip codes
  • Excluding a location from targeting
  • Targeting any combination of Country, State, Province, DMA, U.S. or Canadian Postal Codes

To set or edit the location targeting of an existing campaign click on the Advertising header, click on the campaign you’d like to update and then click into the “Locations” section.

Get into Advertising (new)


Once in the location targeting for a campaign you can search for a location, enter a list of Zip codes or search a radius around a Zip code and either add or exclude it from the campaign targeting.

locations 2

Login to CoEx to view or edit the location targeting for existing campaigns.

Please email coex-support@owneriq.com if you have any questions or would like to schedule a walkthrough of the new location targeting.