As an additional level of customization and control, those sharing their audience through CoEx have the ability to set custom terms and conditions for those requesting to use their audience. These are managed through the Provider Terms and Conditions tab in the Audience Partners section of CoEx. You can set a custom term by clicking on the + Terms button.

Custom Terms and Conditions

Type your term in the text box and click Add.

Add Term

Those interested in targeting your audience will now see this term when submitting a request to target your audience and will check off whether or not they meet or agree to your requirement.

Agree to term

You can view whether or not the requesting company agreed to your terms by clicking on the action icon next to the request in your Requests tab and clicking View Terms.

View Terms

Manf Example Agreed Term

You can deactivate a term at any time by clicking on the action icon next to the term in your Provider Terms and Conditions tab and clicking Deactivate.

Deactivate Term and Condition