Once you place an ownerIQ pixel on your website, you can safely and securely share your audience with your retail partners through the Audience Partners section of CoEx. This tool allows you to message, approve, or reject audience requests from retailers, create custom terms and conditions for targeting your audience, and indicate a requirement for creative approval. When a retailer sends you an audience request, you will receive an email notifying you of the request. To review the request:

Log into CoEx, click on the Audience Partners section and click on the Requests tab.

Advertising Section Audience Partners

Click on the icon in the Actions column next to your pending request. Here you can select whether you’d like to approve or reject the request, or message the advertiser for more information.

Requests tab - approve or reject

Clicking Advanced in the Approve/Reject window gives you the option to add a creative approval requirement. Click the Approve or Reject button and the requesting partner will be notified via email of your decision.

Audience Partners - Advanced

Once you have approved the request, you can manage your relationship through the My Audience Partners tab.

Audience Partners tab

After approving an audience request, the next step is to share with them your creative templates, they’ll have all the tools they need to utilize your audience in a co-branded advertising campaign.