Every advertising campaign needs to have a geographic target, whether that be the entire United States,  the province of Quebec, or a list of zip codes where your stores are located. Your location targeting can be set as a country (US and/or Canada), Canadian province, US state, US DMA, set of US zip codes, set of Canadian postal codes or any combination of those area types. You can also choose to exclude a location from your targeting, so for example, target people everywhere in the United States except for those in the state of California.

A DMA, designated market area, is a geographic region defined by Nielsen Media Research company as a group of counties that make up a particular television market. The areas do not overlap, and every county in the United States belongs to only one DMA. DMAs are used in planning and buying of media and allow advertisers to target their campaigns to a specific geographic region.

If you’d like to target the area around your store locations, OwnerIQ can determine the zip codes within a specific mileage radius and include those zip codes in your campaign’s location targeting. This will cover those who are in-market shoppers within range of your stores. We do recommend to keep your location targeting as broad as possible to allow OwnerIQ’s technology to best optimize your campaign and reach your ideal audience wherever they are.

You can set, view, or edit location targeting settings on your campaigns via the Advertising section of CoEx (illustrated here).