CoEx Reports - Campaign Reports


CoEx Reports

You can check on your campaign’s progress in the Reports section of CoEx. Check reporting by campaign or set up a custom report via the ‘Custom Reports’ tab. There you’ll be able to customize metrics by clicking on the checkbox next to each parameter that you’d like to add. You’ll also be able to filter by specific campaign, custom date ranges, as well as other parameters, such as ad size and geography. All reports are downloadable via the “Export” icon.

Your report will feature metrics including:

Impressions – Every instance your ad shows up online is called an impression. If your ad has been displayed online 4,000 times, then your campaign has run 4,000 impressions.

Reach – Reach is the number of unique people who have been exposed to your ad.

Frequency – Frequency is the average number of times each unique person has seen your ad.

Clicks – Clicks are counted each and every time a user clicks on your ad.

CTR – CTR, also known as ‘click-through rate’, is the number of user clicks counted, over the total number of impressions served. If a campaign delivers 50 clicks and has served 100,000 impressions total, then the CTR for the campaign would be 0.05%. Since some sites produce fraudulent or non-human clicks, OwnerIQ works very aggressively to remove any potential sources of such fraud. Our typical click-through rates range between 0.01-0.04%, though this differs based on various campaign factors.

Site Views – If your campaign objective is site views, site views will be an available metric in your CoEx reporting. The site view metric measures each time a user sees an ad from your campaign and then visits a page on your website where an OwnerIQ pixel is placed. This goes beyond just counting how many people clicked on the ad, but focuses, instead, on what affect your ads had on bringing tangible traffic to your site (regardless of whether people clicked on or only looked at your ad).

Conversions – If your campaign objective is conversions, conversions will be an available metric in your CoEx reporting. A conversion is an action that one of your customers or potential customers takes on your site. This can be a purchase, a coupon download, or even something as simple as navigating to a specific page on your site. The conversion measured depends on where you place your OwnerIQ conversion pixel.