Step-by-step guide:

Now that you are up and running in CoEx, visit the Audience Partners section to review the list of manufacturer audiences available to target and begin sending audience requests.

Log into CoEx and click on the Audience Partners section.

Audience Partners Header

In the Request an Audience Provider tab, scroll through the list of partners and select those whose audience you’d like to target. You can also use the Search function to find a specific audience provider.

Request Audience Provider tab

Once selected, click Request Audience Providers, choose to add a custom message, if desired. If the provider has a custom term and condition, review the term and click the checkbox if you agree to the request.

request manf example

agree to custom term

You can track your sent requests in the  Requests tab under Sent Requests.

Audience Partners - Sent requests tab

You will receive an email notification when the brand you requested has approved or denied your request. Approved requests will move to your My Audience Partners tab under Approved Audience Providers. You can message your approved partners at any time via the Action icon in this tab.

Audience Partners - Message

Once your request has been approved, the manufacturer’s audience is ready for use in a targeted digital advertising campaign.

Please note, if the partner who approved your request indicated ‘Yes’ in the Require Creative Approval column, your campaign must use a shared creative template or approved creative set (which are managed via your Creative Library).

Yes - Creative Approval

Interested in sharing your own online audience with your manufactures? Email or contact your Account Manager directly. You will receive an email notification when you’ve received your first audience share request and can check out this video to learn how to review and approve.