How does digital media compare to more traditional channels like TV, radio and newspaper? Consumers spend more time online than with any other channel; running a digital advertising campaign reaches users where they are most. Other advantages of digital advertising:

  • It’s efficient. Digital campaigns use technology to optimize to the best audience, limiting wasted spend on those who are not ideal targets.
  • It’s versatile. Unlike offline media (TV, radio, newspaper, outdoor), online advertising can be highly interactive and easily updated for seasonal promotions with much less time and financial investment. Lead times are much shorter allowing advertisers to  make changes to their messaging quickly and often.
  • It’s measurable. Digital campaign metrics can easily be tracked and measured as compared to more traditional channels.
  • It’s targeted. Audience and location targeting for digital campaigns is much more granular than other media channels. With OwnerIQ, you have the ability to target in-market shoppers within driving distance to your store locations or those across the country researching your product category.