Second-party data is the first party data of another organization. Leveraging this type of data, buyers have full transparency into data source and greater confidence in its accuracy.

Second-party data strategies are now mainstream in the retail ecosystem. As part of their new digital marketing playbook the majority of retailers and brands use marketing technology to acquire, share, or exchange data assets, with one another and with full transparency.

Second-Party Data Sources


ownerIQ’s second-party data marketplace within the CoEx platform is a fully transparent, neutral data environment used by thousands of retailers and brands to access, share and/or exchange shopping and purchasing data.

Unlike data co-ops, we believe in giving our partners complete control over their participation. They can leverage the marketplace to buy data, share data or do both. It is their choice.

Product Brand Types
Product Brand Types
second party data ingested catalog picture
second party data ingested catalog picture
Second party data server icon

Our taxonomy was built based on retailer and brand data and is persistent across our entire platform. All data ingested from our partners is normalized into simple product and brand segments which powers all engagements and activations.

  • Includes over 6,000 product types
  • Houses over 57,000 brand types
  • Audited and maintained by internal team of “cybrarians”
Second party data shopping cart icon
retailers and brands leveraging our marketplace
Second party data cloud icon
800+ partners
actively sharing data on the platform
Second party data handshake icon
of partners both buy and share data
Second party data shopping bag icon
9 billion
shopping and browsing behaviors available for targeting
Second party data credit card icon
$2 billion
in ecommerce transactions available for targeting and attribution
Making all data actionable

We ingest multiple types of data from our Market Makers that enable us to understand where users are shopping, what products and brands they are shopping for, what they ultimately purchase and how they behave across channels and devices. From this we create unique advertising, insights and attribution products. Type of data ingested:

actionable data types
Shopping Data
  • Where people are shopping
  • Types of products they are shopping for
  • Brand and product types
  • Website visitors
  • Product feeds
Purchase Data
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Loyalty Card Data
  • In-store transactions
  • SKU level data
Customer Data
  • CRM data
  • Loyalty/ Reward data
  • Mobile app

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