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Our Market Makers

Our data is directly ingested from named retailers, brands and e-commerce websites. We refer to these partners as our Market Makers, as their audiences “make up” all the data in our unique marketplace. To see a full list of our market makers, login to CoEx or contact to request a free account.


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800 market makers
currently sharing data on the platform
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Retention rate is over
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$2 Billion
e-commerce transactions
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Currently contributes over
2.6 billion
unique shopping behavior per month
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Number of market makers in CoEx grows approx.
30% annually

We ingest multiple types of data from our Market Makers to that enable us to understand where uses are shopping, what products and brands they are shopping for, what they ultimately purchase and how they behave across channels and devices. From this we create unique advertising, insights and attribution products. Type of data ingested:

second-party data types
Shopping Data
  • Where people are shopping
  • Types of products they are shopping for
  • Brand and product types
  • Website visitors
  • Product feeds
Purchase Data
  • E-commerce transactions
  • Loyalty Card Data
  • In-store transactions
  • SKU level data
Customer Data
  • CRM data
  • Loyalty/ Reward data
  • Mobile app
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Market Maker audience data is catalogue into our taxonomy of over 15,000 product and brands types. In addition, through our Digital Checkout Tag (DCT) we collect e-commerce transaction information such as total value of transaction, SKUs purchases, etc.

Second-Party Data Results

for Retailers, Brands and Programmatic Advertisers

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