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Universal McCann
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Transparency and
Choice for CPG Leader


Universal McCann came to ownerIQ looking to maximize digital spend, find transparency in data and audience exclusivity for their client, a global CPG leader.

Marketplace Challenge

Going to data marketplaces for 3rd party segments does not provide marketers with choice, transparency or accuracy in their digital marketing. Historically, data marketplaces have struggled to create an environment where marketers can acquire data that is most relevant to them at any level of scale.


Universal McCann chose to partner with ownerIQ for their extensive second-party data marketplace and access to exclusive retailers’ audiences. The client wanted to target millennial moms and with ownerIQ; they received 100% transparency and accuracy in the audiences they targeted:

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Benefits | Results

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“We love that the data is relevant and the source is disclosed.
Our client knew the exact millennial mom audiences they were
reaching with their brand messaging.” said

Kevin Moeller | Chief Research & Analytics Officer, UM

“To top if off, our client’s met their goals for the campaign while
receiving complete transparency and maximizing our
digital spend.”

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