Brand Guidelines

Logo Lockups

ownerIQ logo


High-res vector: .eps

Q logo

the Q

High-res vector: .eps

Primary Colors

Pantone 7688 C

Pantone Cool Gray 6C

Pantone Deep Blue

Pantone Bright Green


Bebas Neue Headline Type

Proxima Nova Subhead Type

Proxima Nova Body Text

About our font choices:
Proxima Nova is a sleek, modern typeface that represents the Q’s new rebrand and feel. Bebas Neue is a condensed display typeface and should be used for mainly headlines only. These fonts should be used for one sheets, on web, retargeting ads, headlines, paragraphs, bullets, etc. Arial should be used only when Proxima Nova and Bebas Neue are unavailable (powerpoints, word documents, etc.).

Writing out ownerIQ

When writing out ownerIQ, use a lowercase o w n e r and an uppercase IQ. This helps keep our brand modern, and moving toward more frequent use of “The Q.”

Questions About our brand?