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Digiday Signal Awards

In the 2017 Digiday Signal Awards, CoEx was named Best Data Management Platform

CoEx: Our Data Marketplace

ownerIQ’s proprietary audience platform that supports our second-party data marketplace. It is the driver behind the largest transparent data economy. Retailers, brands and advertisers benefit from our marketplace by partnering or activating media.

ownerIQ Second-Party Data Marketplace
The Market Makers


We create programs for retailers and brands that enable them to maximize the value of their data assets to support their marketing and business objectives.


We offer an infrastructure making it easy for retailers to securely transform their data assets into a digital marketing platform capable of generating high margin ad revenue through multiple sales channels.


We provide brands with a platform in which they can create a central access point for their retailers to acquire their data to power co-branded ad campaign and drive sell-through at scale.


E-commerce partners are able to leverage our platform and sales infrastructure to generate ad revenue or ad credit from their data asset.

The Data Buyers


We create programs to support all digital advertising agendas, from awareness to conversion on your direct-to-consumer site or at your retail partner, both online and in-store.


Our retail partners increase traffic and sales on their website and in-store by using our marketplace to directly target the audiences of specific brand partners, or use our data in aggregate to target a broader pool of shoppers.


Brands access their retailers’ data through our platform to power co-branded ads and measure their impact at the channel (e-commerce and in-store). In addition, we offer other advanced targeting options to address direct sales campaigns.


We solve marketers’ concerns regarding data accuracy and data integrity by allowing you to choose the audiences most relevant to you. Our partners can select specific targets for their reach campaign or use our marketplace in aggregate for their aggressive acquisition-based initiatives.

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