Creative Formats
Creative Formats

Rich Media

Engage consumers with innovative and exciting ads that inspire user interaction and a higher level of engagement. From user initiated video to carousel units, ownerIQ will create standout ads that bring your campaign to life.

Rich Media Mock-Up
Rich Media Video Icon
Rich Media Video

Get the benefit of increased user engagement and brand recall with this interactive format.

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Rich Media Carousel Icon

Showcase multiple messages, products and links in one ad unit with this interactive attention-grabbing format.

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Rich Media Locator Icon
Store Locator

Share your latest messaging, offers and promotions, along with your nearest retail location data to drive in-store traffic with this multifaceted ad unit.

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Rich Media Tabbed Icon

Encourage different levels of user interactivity while displaying various messages and offers in this all-in-one tabbed unit.

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Dynamic Mock-Up Example


Keep your consumers engaged with ads most relevant to their unique profiles and behaviors by optimizing campaigns in real time through dynamic creative. Whether based on location, context, purchase path, or weather, ownerIQ creates and delivers on-point ads that speak directly to the individual.

Dynamic Always-on Creative Icon
Always-On Creative

Let audience behavior lead the way with an agile marketing presence and sustainable always-on model for your brand. Build a dynamic ad suite that responds to consumer needs via real time updated messaging with no need to re-traffic.

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Dynamic Sequencing Icon

Tell richer, more personalized stories to your customers by delivering unique creative to visitors depending on where they are in their purchasing path. From awareness, to consideration, to conversion - ownerIQ delivers creative for each stage of the marketing funnel.

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Multivariant & A/B Testing Icon
Multi Variant & A/B Testing

Utilize variant creative to determine the most effective messaging for your brand and product and maximize campaign performance in real time.

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Dynamic Store Specific Icon
Store Specific

Target qualified shoppers nearby relevant store locations and deliver creative tailored to consumers’ store proximity. ownerIQ will utilize user-level data to develop custom creative that drives in-store foot traffic and sales, supporting product launches, store openings and special events.

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Dynamic Location Specific Icon
Location Specific

Increase brand and product awareness and entice consumers with creative tailored to regional trends.

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Dynamic Day and Time Icon
Day & Time Targeting

Modify creative according to the time of day/day of the week and maximize campaign performance by reaching target consumers when they are most likely to engage with your brand and product.

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Dynamic Weather Targeting Icon
Weather Targeting

Optimize brand and product messaging; impacting and driving sales with dynamic creative tailored to a user’s local weather.

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45% of all shopping includes some form of mobile interaction. Make sure your message is in front of the right shopper at the right mobile moment while using native features like tap, swipe, and location to provide an immersive experience.

Mobile Mock-Up Example
Mobile Flip Icon

Whether you’re showcasing products, delivering a brand message or driving purchase through a specific retailer, present multiple elements on a card that can be flipped back and forth automatically or upon user interaction.

Mobile Carousel Icon

Display multiple messages, products and links in one ad unit with this interactive, swipeable format.

Mobile Store Locator Icon
Store Locator

Share your brand messaging and provide consumers with all store locations in their area. A tap-to-navigate function enables users to select a location, call the store, get GPS directions and view hours of operation.