Consumer Rights Requests: Mobile Ad ID (MAID) & Cookie

Consumer rights requests including do not sell opt out, data access and deletion requests can be securely delivered to Inmar via SFTP using Mobile Ad IDs, aka Device ID (IDFA and AAID) and Inmar Cookie IDs. ONLY Consumer rights requests submitted using these ID types may be uploaded by this method.

NOTE: The business client should first generate the cookie ID connected to their browser by visiting this link. This is the cookie ID that will need to be provided to Inmar for each CCPA request.

Upload File Instructions

The file should be an uncompressed tab-separated file (.tsv). There are two file naming convention options to select from based on the contents of the files. Inmar supports either a single file combining different types of requests, or a single file per request type.

  • Single File: In order to upload a single file that contains multiple types of consumer rights requests the file name should always start with your Media Manager Partner Name (provided by Inmar) followed by an underscore, the term “ccpa”, the ID type (either "cookie" or “device”), another underscore and date stamp (YYYY-MM-DD) of when the file was created. Ex: Inmar_cra_cookie_2020-01-20.tsv
  • Multiple Files: If you are uploading multiple, separate files that always contain only one type of consumer rights request, for example one file for Deletion requests and a separate file for Do Not Sell requests, then include the “consumer rights request type” after the term cra and a hyphen. Ex: Inmar_cra-donotsell_cookie_2020-01-20.tsv. This is required to differentiate the files.

Required Fields

Column Name Description Example
Cookie or Mobile Ad ID (IDFA or AAID) Inmar cookie or Mobile Ad ID. Mobile Ad ID format may be raw or hashed via MD-5 or SHA-1 cookie=Q01928734098732J
Data Source ID Inmar will provide this string to you. It will be a unique identifier for this dataset 3pkray__aj1n
Consumer Rights Request Type Identify the requested action using the terms “donotsell”, “delete” or “access” donotsell

Upload Process

  1. Server to Server data source should be created in Media Manager
  2. Inmar will provide you with SFTP credentials.
    • The files should be uploaded to the “cra” sub-folder. NOTE that this is not the default directory.
    • Port:22
    • SFTP:
  3. We support incremental or full refresh files

Ask your AM or Solutions Engineer if you have any questions or require variation from our standard specifications. For cookie-based requests only an Inmar cookie ID can be submitted and processed. Any other third-party cookies will not be processed.

In order to determine the Inmar cookie ID the user owning the browser must visit: This page will generate the Inmar cookie ID that Inmar will need in order to execute the relevant consumer rights request.