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LG connects to tech-savvy shoppers while supporting their retail channels with ownerIQ

ownerIQ is a great partner for us because they are able to deliver results aligned with our key initiatives of acquiring new customers, increasing consumer engagement and sell-through in our retail channel.

Dave VanderWaal

Vice President Marketing, Consumer Electronics & Home Appliances, LG


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LG, a multi-national electronics manufacturer of home entertainment, mobile and home appliance products wanted to acquire new customers and increase sales at retail.

ownerIQ Solution

Optimized Shopper & Audience Sharing

Using our Optimized Shopper Product, LG leveraged our full portfolio of retail and brand partnerships to identify tech-savvy TV shoppers. Our powerful technology allowed us to adjust campaign targeting in real-time to drive conversions at scale.

LG also joined an ownerIQ audience sharing program that supported the sales of their products in their retail channel. The program allows LG’s retailers to target consumers who have researched products on LG’s site, increasing sell-through of LG products in their brick and mortar stores and online.

Business Goals

Improve brand awareness
Promote their Smart TV product
Drive sell-through in the retail channel


Our success led to increased investment as well as the utilization of optimized shopper to promote additional product campaigns. Since joining the program, LG has found that sharing their website audience with authorized dealers to be an effective way to strengthen partnerships and drive sales of their products at retail. As a result of participating:

LG has received over $1M in co-branded advertising value in the last 12 months
Over 30 retailers have used ownerIQ to promote LG’s brand
Optimized Shopper was a top performer driving where to buy actions of less than $4.

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