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The Platform
CoEx Platform
CoEx Platform

The Single
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CoEx is our award-winning software uniquely designed to enable retailers and brands to support their full suite of 1st and 2nd party data strategies. To do this, we vertically integrated 4 key point solutions used by every digital marketer into a single platform.


As individual point solutions, each component is state of the art and some have been acknowledged as best in class, e.g. our DMP capabilities were recognize as the “Best of 2017” by Digiday. However, leveraging the platform’s vertically integrated solution achieves maximum results. It reduces data loss and platform costs, while increasing scale and performance compared to a multi-platform approach.

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Economical data ingestion and management

Data Management Platform

CoEx allows management of all types of client’s data assets including website browsing, mobile app, CRM and P.O.S. normalizing all your data under the same taxonomy to power our entire data marketplace.

CoEX Data Management Platform

Our unique economical model and full feature set allows clients to create and store custom audience segments while spending less on management fees.

  • Better Economic Model: Spend less of your marketing budget on data ingestion and management fees and more on working media.
  • Higher Data Match Rates: Prevent data loss as a result of poor platform to platform match rates. Retain 100% of your audience and maximize your marketing opportunity.
  • Access to Retailer and Brand Data: Build segments of qualified shoppers from data directly aggregated from retailers and brands accessed through our second-party data marketplace.
  • Relevant Attribution Suite: Measure sales at both your direct to consumer site and at retail (e-commerce and in-store).

Second-Party Data Marketplace

Directly access the browsing and sales data from retailers, brands, and other approved organizations in a fully transparent, permission based environment. Permission your data to marketing partners and non-competitive companies to support joint marketing efforts and power co-op programs.

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Vertically integrated with our DSP, your managed data and the approved data within our marketplace can be used in media campaigns for targeting, exclusion, optimization, measurement and modeling.

  • Data from nearly 800+ retailer and brand partners
  • 30% annual growth of marketplace
  • 2 Billion shopping behaviors recorded monthly
  • $2.6 Billion in ecommerce transactions tracked monthly
CoEX Data Management Platform
Vertically Integrated and Purpose Built

Demand-Side Platform

Our vertically integrated DSP brings data closer to programmatic ad inventory creating more scale and opportunity for your data. CoEx’s real-time decisioning engine was custom built around our unique data set. It enables us to directly ingest and organize shopping and e-commerce data from our partners and apply an “expected performance score” (EP score) to every opportunity we see.

Demand-Side Platform

Our decisioning engine by numbers:

  • Over 1.3 Trillion ad opportunities evaluated monthly (50% on mobile devices)
  • 2.6 Billion monthly interactions with catalogued products
  • 1.6 Billion monthly interactions with catalogued brands
  • Unparalleled audience segmentation tools based on ownerIQ’s exclusive taxonomy
  • Lowest fraud rates in the industry: 1% vs. the industry average of 7%

The ownerIQ platform is integrated with the best of breed technology partners in the digital marketing ecosystem. These strategic partnerships help support the largest second-party data marketplace in the industry and make the vision of frictionless shared data economy a reality.


Inventory Policy

All Inventory Providers must adhere to our Inventory Policy in order to supply media to the
ownerIQ Demand Side Platform (DSP).


Reporting & Analytics Platform

Uncover the value of your campaigns and drive better business outcomes with valuable insights into your audience’s shopper behavior and purchases. In addition, our reporting enables you to measure attributable sales direct and at retail.

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Full attribution suite that allows you to measure your direct-to-consumer and
retail initiatives:

  • Complimentary shopping & browsing insights reports
  • Standard e-commerce, cross device, transparent price reports
  • Unique in-store attribution reporting powered by CRM and POS data available

Customer Insights

Uncover in-market customers, shopper opportunities, patterns, and key insights with actionable intelligence across your online advertising initiatives.

Brand Engagement Map
Brand Engagement Map:

The Brand Engagement Map visualizes audience shopping patterns across ownerIQ's unique shopper data. The report shows co-engagement relationships between brands and products based on users' browsing activities.

Browsing Insight Report:

The Browsing Insight Report provides a snapshot of the daily unique visitors for each data group, by specific brand and product type. Timeframes over one day are the sum of the daily unique visitors.

Campaign Audience Insight
Campaign Audience Insight Report:

The Campaign Audience Insight Report provides a snapshot of your customer profile, highlighting the brand preferences of your campaign audience based on ownerIQ's unique shopper data.

Retail Overlap
Retail Overlap Report:

The Retail Overlap Report shows you which of ownerIQ’s branded Premium Retail Partners have the highest and lowest overlap with your audience compared to the overall overlap of each branded Premium Retail Partner across ownerIQ's entire database of shoppers. The resulting data set is sorted by the index. Use data to define your target customer before, during, or after running media, especially retail sell-through campaigns.

Shopper Audience Insights Snapshot
Shopper Audience Insight Report:

The Shopper Audience Insight Report provides a snapshot of your online consumers' brand and product preferences based on their shopping and purchase behavior across ownerIQ's audience partners. This report compares the behavior of visitors to your site to the control audience, ownerIQ's database of shoppers, and the resulting data set is sorted by the index. Use data to define your target customer before, during, or after running media.

Campaign Insights

Uncover the value of your campaign and drive better business outcomes with valuable insights into your audience's shopping behavior and purchases.

Campaign Overview
Campaign Overview Report:

The Campaign Overview Report gives you the ability to customize your own reports, make visuals, save, or schedule reports to be emailed. Metrics included: Ad Exchange, Channel, Creative Name, Domain, various geo breakouts, all spend metrics (Media, Platform, Data, and Agency), ownerIQ Attributed Online Revenue, and many more!

Converter Analytics
Converter Analytics Report:

The Converter Analytics Report provides insights on a brand’s online audience conversion behavior based on ownerIQ’s proprietary data. This report showcases the efficiency of the targeting and optimization used to drive conversions.

Cross Device Attribution
Cross Device Attribution Report:

The Cross Device Report provides a 360° view of consumers and their online shopping behavior across their numerous devices, using ownerIQ’s proprietary cross device technology. It helps you identify under-utilized channels and efficiently spend your media dollars. You can use this report to demonstrate your converting audience's propensity to use multiple devices on their customer journey, showcasing the value of reaching them across all the devices they use to shop.

Delivery Funnel
Delivery Funnel Report:

This tool helps to identify the specific reasons why the ownerIQ platform did not bid on an ad opportunity for a given media type. This report provides a transparent view of ownerIQ’s bidding process to highlight the impact of campaign restraints or identify ways to improve pace or performance.

DCT Report
E-Commerce Insights (DCT) Report:

Interested in real-time data on retail outcomes that can drive business decisions? ownerIQ’s e-commerce insights measure an advertiser’s key online attribution metrics including orders, revenue, average order size, and much more!

OS+ Report
Optimized Shopper Plus (OS+) Funnel Report:

The Full Funnel report provides transparent campaign performance. The report aims to provide direct evidence of the value of our premium retail customers as well as our optimized shopper audience.

Purchase Intent Impact Report
Purchase Intent Impact Report (PIIR):

This report measures the effectiveness of retailer-targeted marketing campaigns by brand advertisers driving to that retail location. Using AB test methodology, this report calculates whether users served an impression were more likely to visit that the brand pages at that retailer, as compared to retail shoppers who were not served an impression.

Store Delivery
Store Delivery Report:

The Store Delivery Report highlights ownerIQ’s impressively accurate geo-weighting abilities for store targeted campaigns. This report highlights where impressions were served around a campaign’s store list and compares against the online conversions made around that same store list to highlight effectiveness of this targeting tactic.

In-Store Insights

Understand and measure the influence of your advertising on enhancing consumer purchases offline.

Retail Performance Report
Retail Performance Report:

ownerIQ’s Retail Performance Report delivers a holistic campaign summary for a partner’s in store and online campaign performance. This report provides brands with insight into their campaign’s impact on full funnel metrics including brand awareness, product consideration and influenced online and offline sales

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