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ownerIQ partnered with Sustainable Business Partners makes connections between companies with shared values and goals, enabling them to reach like-minded consumers more easily, more economically, and on a much larger scaled than they could on their own. Sustainable Business Partners was established to help accelerate the shift in consumer sales to environmentally and socially responsible companies.



Sustainable Business Partners partners with ownerIQ to create a custom data marketplace for their network of brands allowing them them to have access to a prospect pool of active, motivated, and environmentally conscious shoppers they can market against. ownerIQ is able to execute the data marketplace through it’s unique permissioning capabilities, block list, and “My Data Network” management tools.



Find a solutions for using brand data as a true marketing asset

Exclusive access to like-minded environmentally and socially conscious shoppers

Increased cross-portfolio insights, including brand overlap details

To find a second-party data solutions with media campaign activation capabilities

Sustainable Business Partners


Exceeded pageview goals by targeting the audiences within the customer data marketplace

Attributable sales as a result of targeting within private data marketplace

After a successful pilot, Sustainable Business Partners is expanding the custom data marketplace to increase reach and the sales of its network brands

Through this exclusive and secure data marketplace, we are aggregating hard-to-find audiences and transforming them into a unique marketing asset. Our companies can leverage this asset to activate highly targeted media campaigns, or generate unique insights about their customers.”

Chet Van Wert Founder of Sustainable Business Partners

The Marketplace gives us a unique opportunity to test our message against the consumers of other relevant brands.
Initial results show that our message is resonating with these audiences and driving new customers to our site. Having access to this kind of information in a controlled and custom marketplace is a huge benefit for us.”

Jeremy Lopatin Co-Founder of Arbor Teas

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