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Q Service Offerings:
Our data and technology.
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It’s easy for you to work with ownerIQ and take advantage of our data marketplace. There are currently 4 types of service engagements to pick from. Select the type of engagement that best fits your workflow:

CoEx user - Audience Sharing Platform

Self-Service Plus

For our advanced self-service clients who prefer to launch and manage campaigns and optimizations on their own, while still benefitting from The Q’s resources for advanced reporting, campaign consulting and Q&A.


Our platform experts complete initial setup to assure your campaign’s success, before handing the controls over to you. We continue to provide support as needed for the life of the campaign.


Your campaign is fully supported by our account team from planning & set up to completion & analysis.


If you’re interested in using our data off- platform we have two options for you. Our Second-Party Connect (2PC) or Active Shopper segment.

Second-Party Connect (2PC)

Advertisers and agencies directly request audience data of specific partners within CoEx UI for off-platform use. Data provider directly approves or rejects data requests. Upon approval, data is safely and securely ported to DSP or buying platform of advertiser’s choice.

Active Shopper

A blend of billions of e-commerce, product review, and price comparison data points to create audiences that are in-market for your products. These segments are available across any data partner, any inventory, and any device.

Second-Party Data & Decisioning

For our on-platform (self-service, and managed services) customers only, we offer our decisioning technology integrated with our data.

Real-Time Decisioning Engine

Our real-time decisioning engine was custom built around our unique data set. It enables us to directly ingest and organize shopping and e-commerce data from our partners and apply an “expected performance score” (EP score) to every opportunity we see. An EP score is the probability that a user will take a desired action based on the similarities of their shopping and purchase behavior to those that bought, or converted. Our decisioning engine by numbers:

  • 1.3 trillion impressions processed monthly
  • Over 500 billion opportunities seen across mobile devices
  • Over 600,000 data points are calculated on every opportunity
  • 2.6 billion interactions with cataloged products
  • 1.6 billion interactions with cataloged brands

Transparent Second-Party Data

CoEx is the only platform built specifically to enable transparent audience sharing at scale.

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Platform Integrations

The ownerIQ platform is integrated with the best of breed technology partners in the digital marketing ecosystem.

These strategic partnerships help support the largest second-party data marketplace in the industry and make the vision of frictionless shared data economy a reality.

Inventory Policy

All Inventory Providers must adhere to our Inventory Policy in order to supply media to the ownerIQ Demand Side Platform (DSP).

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