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Your privacy is ownerIQ's top priority. At ownerIQ we collect information about the products and services that people own, use or have shown interest in, and use that information to help our advertising and publishing partners provide relevant advertising and content to those people as they surf the internet. We gather only non-personally identifiable information (“Non-PII”) about users from our owned and operated web sites, where we provide free access to user manuals and support information, as well as from third-party websites we have partnered with (“Partner Websites”) to help gather this Non-PII.

Like television and other forms of information media, the cost of serving content on the web is offset by advertising revenue. Recognizing that you are going to see advertising as you travel the web, our goal here at ownerIQ is to ensure that what you do see is the most relevant and informative advertising possible, while maintaining your privacy.

Predictive Technology

OPTMS' predictive technology operates beyond the typical "look a-like" premise, which attempts to build broad profiles of a "converter." Processing millions of consumer product and brands interactions in every phase of the purchase cycle, OPTMS identifies the specific events that occurr prior to a consumer converting or taking a desired action on an advertisers campaign.

We also believe that it is ultimately your choice as to whether we collect this Non-PII. (Please see our Privacy Policy and Interest Based Ads to see how we collect this information and what we do with it). If you do not want to receive relevant advertising served by ownerIQ, we provide an "Opt-Out " tool that blocks our sites and our partner sites from placing an ownerIQ "cookie" on your browser that would otherwise enable us to see the non-personally identifiable information about your preferences.

By selecting "Opt-Out", we will place a "Blank" or "Blocking" cookie on your browser. This will prevent an ownerIQ cookie from being placed on your browser. You will still see advertising everywhere you normally would, however it will not be tailored to your interests by ownerIQ. This will not impact cookies which may be on your browser from other sites.

Sensitive Data

ownerIQ is aware of the sensitivity of certain types of data. We do not create any interest segments that reflect third-party Marketing Information that we consider sensitive. While the types of Marketing Information considered sensitive may vary among users, we presently treat Marketing Information as sensitive if it includes precise health information derived from medical records or equivalent sources, or certain health information that is generally regarded by most people as sensitive (such as cancer); certain aspects of a user's personal life or financial situation (such as credit, insurance or employment eligibility); or use of, or interest in, gambling, alcoholic beverages, or "adult" products or services. Our customers who collect their own data (first-party data), including those who choose to share their data with other third parties, may have their own standards of what they consider sensitive; however, ownerIQ requires all such customers to comply with laws applicable to sensitive information.

If you would like to view the list of third-party health and wellness Interest Data segments available in the ownerIQ Audience Data Marketplace, please click here

Revised April 8, 2016.