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Hats off to ownerIQ for being one of the leaders, along with Adobe, in quickly determining the particulars of second-party data. It’s always a challenge to find new ways to add tangible value to customers, and effectively using second-party data is key for achieving success.

Marie Knight Joshi

Business Development, Adobe

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Two non-competitive travel advertisers came to Xasis looking to establish a controlled data sharing partnership. We quickly realized that there is a missing link needed to set up this type of a relationship. That link is a second-party data platform which gives advertisers an easy way to control and negotiate the terms of their arrangement.

JR Crosby

Director, Strategy & Investment, Xasis

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Reaching millennials who are not as familiar with our brand has become considerably more challenging. Through the ability of accessing the audiences of our key retailers and those browsing for travel accessories, second-party data has helped us reach the right audience and expand Canon’s brand message.

Matt Gorman

Director of Sales, Ecomm and Strategy at Canon

Rosetta Logo

First-party data is easy. You follow that guy from the website. But second-party is that extra spoke in the wheel. It opens up a lot more opportunity. It's a good awareness driver. It's just as relevant [if not more] as first- and third-party data. They complement each other very well.

Associate Partner Media Strategy Paid

Owned & Earned Media, Rosetta

hhgregg Logo

Second-party data is more efficient, [than first and third]. We can maximize that digital dollar and drive the conversion on the website and in the store

Kevin Lyons

SVP & GM of eCommerce, H.H. Gregg

Acer Logo

Working with ownerIQ to target NewEgg’s audience of tech and gaming enthusiasts helped us to achieve our goals and get in front of the right consumers that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to target. We’re thrilled with the results.


Consumer Marketing Manager, Acer

Step2 Logo

The ability to target the Toys “R” Us audience of parents was exactly what my brand needed to succeed in this campaign. We saw tremendous results after exposure, exceeding our ROI goal by more than 5x

Tena Crock

VP of EComm & Digital Marketing at Step2

Mullen Logo

We were looking for somebody to bring something different to the table in terms of the set of data that would add to what we were doing. That’s where ownerIQ came in, where they said, "We have these partnerships with retailers, and brands. We can get you on a new set of data that no one else really had." Overall, ownerIQ for at least a few clients has been one of our best performing partners

Sean Corcoran

SVP, Director of Digital Media & Social Influence at Mullen

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Vendor Targeted Marketing from ownerIQ is something you can’t do with any SEO or Google adwords campaign, Yelp reviews, website takeover campaigns, website banner ads or the innumerable online campaigns touted by every radio, TV, newspaper and online media company in existence.

Richard Yagjian

Executive Vice-President, WB Hunt Company, Inc. (Hunt's Photo & Video)

Mullen Logo

The ability to bring a smarter set of data to the table and capitalizing in a way that other people aren’t capitalizing has been really valuable in that sense. The fact that they’ve been able to evolve with us [is] why we increased spend and we have some clients from travel, retail and consumer electronics [we’re using ownerIQ for], these guys have done a nice job of differentiating.

Sean Corcoran

SVP, Director of Digital Media & Social Influence at Mullen

Napoleon Logo

We found ownerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing to be a 'no brainer' for our dealers to drive qualified in store traffic, and a turnkey way for our dealers to run online ad campaigns without having to worry about ad creative

Justin Spray

Business Innovation Manager, Napoleon Grills

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What is Second-Party Data?

Transparent access to a trusted and relevant partner’s first-party data. Second-party data assures a cooperative relationship that can be preexisting (a brand that already sells through a retailer) or entirely new (no clearly defined relationship…yet), creating a new means for advertising revenue and greater brand awareness.

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