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path to purchase media

Pioneering Path to Purchase Media

The most effective advertising solutions to convert more shoppers along the path to purchase on desktops and mobile devices.

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OwnerIQ Partners with Kohl's

Kohl's audience of 21 million monthly shoppers is now available, adding to our portfolio of premium retail shopper audiences.

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VTM Infographic

“Increase sales of my product at retail... ”

The #1 cited reason for manufacturers participating in our Vendor Targeted Marketing Program. View our infographic to view them all.

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shopper marketing

A new age for shopper marketing

“The concept of ‘programmatic shopper marketing’ is transforming the ways brands engage with shoppers to drive sales, and creating a new set of skills for marketers to master... ”

From article by Michele Szabocsik, Director Retailer Targeted Marketing, featured in Retailing Today on July 16th, 2014.

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Mediapost & OwnerIQ Launch RTB500

“...introducing an index that intends to track in real time the movements in price for ads bought and sold on the websites of 500 publishers. ”
-Stuart Elliott, NY Times

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Retailer Branded Audiences
Retailer Targeted Marketing

Retailer Targeted Marketing brings advertisers an unprecidented level of data quality and transparency to their targeted media campaigns.

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Vendor Targeted Marketing
Vendor Targeted Marketing

Employs 1st party data from manufacturers to give retailers access to the in-market shoppers of the products they sell.

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Path to Purchase Targeting
Path to Purchase Targeting

Reach more potential customers online by targeting them in all phases of the path to purchase – in-market shopping, intent, ownership and duress.

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