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BPN Inc.'s logo
At BPN, our top objective is to provide our clients with strategic thinking and data-driven results to deliver effective integrated marketing campaigns. We believe in using the right partner to deliver the core consumer audience to achieve the brand's goals. ownerIQ’s second-party data platform had just what we were looking for when we sought out specialized audience data sets. For one client, ownerIQ’s premium auto data delivered an exceptionally impressive 85.69% video completion rate.

Alison Raynak

Media Planner, Border Perrin Norrander

Universal McCann logo
At Universal McCann, we’re result-driven at the core. We love that ownerIQ operates the same way. Our partnership allows us to seamlessly do what we do best: perform and drive meaningful results for our clients by using second-party data. An example of this is a top shipping and mailing services client recognized us a top performer for ROAS (return on ad spend) on the campaign, showing ownerIQ's ability to perform when it matters. I would recommend ownerIQ for other brand teams across the agency.

Lisa Cao

Manager, Integrated Investment, Universal McCann

Mullen logo
We were looking for somebody to bring something different to the table in terms of the set of data that would add to what we were doing. That’s where ownerIQ came in, where they said, "We have these partnerships with retailers, and brands. We can get you on a new set of data that no one else really had." Overall, ownerIQ for at least a few clients has been one of our best performing partners.

Sean Corcoran

SVP, Director of Digital Media & Social Influence at Mullen

Point It logo
ownerIQ has made us smarter and more effective digital marketers by arming us with rich insights into our core audiences and by building a data sharing and activation framework to efficiently engage them. ownerIQ has proven to be a true difference maker whose value extends way beyond just media buying.

Evan Barcoas

Director of Display Advertising, Point It

Horizon Media logo
ownerIQ not only has massive amounts of exclusive second party shopper data, they also have extensive capabilities to measure online to offline sales. Their team was very consultative in helping us choose the right measurement partners and had a lot of expertise in how to set the campaign up for success. We look forward to working with them on multiple campaigns in the future.

Traci Rosen

AMD, Horizon Media

ZenithOptimedia Group logo
While at Universal McCann and working on ExxonMobil, our partnership with ownerIQ allowed us to reach highly qualified prospects across specialized campaigns targeting in-market audiences; in this case, Automotive Shoppers. ownerIQ’s second-party data technology is dynamic and entirely audience driven. Thanks to ownerIQ, we were able to consistently generate proven results for ExxonMobil.

Justine Lyn

VP, Digital Activation – ZenithOptimedia Group (formerly Universal McCann)

Barkley logo
As a multifaceted strategy and creative agency, Barkley wears many hats. We run numerous campaigns with very different and often aggressive goals. ownerIQ’s second-party data solution has made our lives easier by helping us hit our CPA goals consistently. Not to mention, their customer service and response time is top-notch. Thanks to ownerIQ for consistently delivering impressive results and allowing us to help our clients succeed.

Frank Lasley

Supervising Media Designer, Barkley

Match Marketing Group logo
We came to ownerIQ looking to drive consumer interest for a more efficient product for our energy solution client. ownerIQ’s experience in appliances as well as their ability to reach consumers using a more accurate location targeting approach proved unrivaled. Not to mention, their access to huge amounts of active shopper data and audience insights was key for viewing and ultimately understanding our delivery outcomes.

Andrea Lenig

VP, Media, Match Marketing Group

Carat logo
ownerIQ's support system is second to none. The team is always solution oriented and treats everything with urgency, understanding the needs of our clients including the recent Mastercard campaign. We know we can always count on an outstanding customer service.

Lauren Tuchalski

Director of Digital, Carat

Partners and Napier logo
A successful shopper marketing campaign drives results and combines online, in-store and offline marketing, this is exactly what ownerIQ helped us do for a well known Cottage Cheese brand. ownerIQ’s always-on campaign delivered strong sales outcomes for multiple retailers and CPG brand.

Greg Smith

Director of Shopper Marketing, Partners + Napier

Point It logo
In an industry where the phrase
“data is king” is thrown around by everyone from thought leaders to entry level marketers, it does seem a bit ironic that the bulk of available targeting data is largely an unknown in composition and quality. At this moment in advertising, the quality of non-proprietary data is, simply put, bad and ineffective. In this sense, ownerIQ is a diamond in the rough. No matter what the client’s goal is, I know that the quality of their data will be a cornerstone of our strategy and a major contributor to
providing results.

Sherveen Shingu

Senior Manager, Display Strategy, Point It

Rosetta logo
First-party data is easy. You follow that guy from the website. But second-party is that extra spoke in the wheel. It opens up a lot more opportunity. It's a good awareness driver. It's just as relevant [if not more] as first- and third-party data. They complement each other very well.

Tim Trus

Director of Search & Media, Rosetta

CTP logo
Amazon ads for a nonprofit client were outdone by campaigns on ownerIQ’s programmatic systems. Amazon was not a top performer, we didn’t consider trying it again.

Justin Warshavsky

Media Planner, Conover Tuttle Pace

Xaxis logo
Two non-competitive travel advertisers came to Xaxis looking to establish a controlled data sharing partnership. We quickly realized that there is a missing link needed to set up this type of a relationship. That link is a second-party data platform which gives advertisers an easy way to control and negotiate the terms of their arrangement.

JR Crosby

Director, Strategy & Investment, Xaxis

Logitech logo
ownerIQ enables Maytag and all Whirlpool brands to securely and transparently grant our retailers access to our own audience data to run co-branded ads. We have thousands of in-market shoppers coming to our own website but our products are primarily sold through a retail channel. That audience is a valuable asset and we invest greatly in getting them there. ownerIQ’s platform helps us maximize this valuable data asset, empowering retailers to use this data and drive more shoppers to their showrooms to buy Whirlpool products.

Alexandra Schmitt

Associate Brand Manager, Shopper Marketing at Whirlpool

Logitech logo
ownerIQ is an extremely valuable attribution partner for Logitech. They have provided our brand teams SKU and brand level basket insights that help drive product and creative decisions for retail.

Andrew Yuan

Channel Marketing Manager, Logitech

Canon logo
Reaching millennials who are not as familiar with our brand has become considerably more challenging. Through the ability of accessing the audiences of our key retailers and those browsing for travel accessories, second-party data has helped us reach the right audience and expand Canon’s brand message.

Matt Gorman

Director of Sales, Ecomm, and Strategy, Canon

Step2 logo
The ability to target the Toys “R” Us audience of parents was exactly what my brand needed to succeed in this campaign. We saw tremendous results after exposure, exceeding our ROI goal by more than 5x.

Tena Crock

VP of EComm & Digital Marketing, Step2

Acer logo
Working with ownerIQ to target NewEgg’s audience of tech and gaming enthusiasts helped us to achieve our goals and get in front of the right consumers that we wouldn’t have otherwise been able to target. We’re thrilled with the results.

Michelle Leavitt

Consumer Marketing Manager, Acer

Adobe logo
Hats off to ownerIQ for being one of the leaders, along with Adobe, in quickly determining the particulars of second-party data. It’s always a challenge to find new ways to add tangible value to customers, and effectively using second-party data is key for achieving success.

Marie Knight Joshi

Business Development, Adobe

Napoleon logo
We found ownerIQ’s Vendor Targeted Marketing to be a 'no brainer' for our dealers to drive qualified in store traffic, and a turnkey way for our dealers to run online ad campaigns without having to worry about ad creative.

Justin Spray

Business Innovation Manager, Napoleon Grills

Hunt's Photo & Video logo
Vendor Targeted Marketing from ownerIQ is something you can’t do with any SEO or Google adwords campaign, Yelp reviews, website takeover campaigns, website banner ads or the innumerable online campaigns touted by every radio, TV, newspaper and online media company in existence.

Richard Yagjian

Executive Vice-President, WB Hunt Company, Inc. (Hunt's Photo & Video)

Land of Nod logo
As a data partner for ownerIQ, we truly understand the value of shopping data and the insight it provides into what a consumer is going to purchase next. We were excited to take advantage of the other retailers in their vast 2nd-party data pool, specifically in reaching niche audiences specifically related to our business that are likely in market. Combining the quality of 1st-party data with the scale of 3rd-party data allows us to be effective in our media spending, and ownerIQ has provided value in growing the acquisition side of our business.

Matthew Ebbert

CRM & Analytics Manager, The Land of Nod

Spotix logo
ownerIQ has helped us grow and scale tremendously finding customers Spotix never had a chance of getting in front of. Since partnering with ownerIQ, we have seen a 21% increase in orders; a 17% increase in order size, and 24% increase in revenue as whole and because of that we doubled our team size and moved to the a new space.

Adam Kahler

Digital Director, Spotix

Advance Auto Parts's logo
It's important to us to support our vendors and create the best shopping experience possible for our customers. Working with ownerIQ allows us to share online audience insights with interested advertisers, ultimately creating a better overall experience for our shoppers. Now, our vendors can support one of their key selling channels by having the opportunity to reach shoppers who are relevant and in-market, and we have a secure environment to enable that.

Rachel Johnston

Digital Marketing and Innovation, Advance Auto Parts logo
Working with ownerIQ's secure data-sharing platform, Quill is able to provide our vendors with the second-party data they are looking for, which enables them to build mutually beneficial and highly-targeted advertising campaigns.

Sara Murphy

Project Marketing,

Staples Business Advantage logo
The B2B buyer audience is unique and highly-valuable, and ownerIQ helps us improve their overall online experience while supporting the vendors that sell on our site. We know our data is secure in their second-party data marketplace, and we can drive value for us, our vendors and our customers.

Karen Rennie

Head of Digital Marketing, Staples Business Advantage CA

Cabela's logo
Working with ownerIQ allows Cabela's to enable brands to reach shoppers with relevant, unobtrusive messaging. This helps us create the best possible experience for our shoppers by reaching them with products and services relevant to their interests.

Klint Andreas

Director of E-commerce Merchandising, Cabela's

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