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Data Transparency defined

Data transparency means the advertiser or data buyer has full knowledge of the source of the data behind a market segment, and how that segment was composed. This allows advertisers to make more informed decisions as to what data, or audience segments to purchase. Buyers can choose the data most relevant to them and tailor audience segments to their needs rather than buy generic or “blind” segments that are pre-packaged by a 3rd party.

The concept of data transparency also translates to the data owner as well in that they would have greater oversight and governance over usage of their asset.

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Why second-party is synonymous with Data Transparency

When an advertiser or data buyer gains direct access to the 1st party data of an organization (ex. retailer, brand, publisher, etc.) with full transparency, by definition this is considered a second-party data relationship. The buyer is the “second-party.”

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Marketers are shifting budgets to transparency

Research indicates that $6.9B dollars is wasted annually in programmatic alone due to wrong audience classifications, or inaccurate audience segments. Data transparency enables advertisers to execute targeting strategies with assurances of audience accuracy; i.e. knowing the source of the data means the advertiser knows the audience they are reaching. This creates optimal conditions for your data to perform in any advertising scenario.

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ownerIQ enables Maytag and all Whirlpool brands to securely and transparently grant our retailers access to our own audience data to run co-branded ads. We have thousands of in-market shoppers coming to our own website but our products are primarily sold through a retail channel. That audience is a valuable asset and we invest greatly in getting them there. ownerIQ’s platform helps us maximize this valuable data asset, empowering retailers to use this data and drive more shoppers to their showrooms to buy Whirlpool products.”

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Alexandra Schmitt

Associate Brand Manager | Shopper Marketing, Whirlpool

Hats off to ownerIQ for being one of the leaders, along with Adobe, in quickly determining the particulars of second-party data. It’s always a challenge to find new ways to add tangible value to customers, and effectively using second-party data is key for achieving success.”

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Marie Knight Joshi

Business Development, Adobe

Working with ownerIQ allows Cabela's to enable brands to reach shoppers with relevant, unobtrusive messaging. This helps us create the best possible experience for our shoppers by reaching them with products and services relevant to their interests.”

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Klint Andreas

Director of E-commerce Merchandising, Cabela's

Reaching millennials who are not as familiar with our brand has become considerably more challenging. Through the ability of accessing the audiences of our key retailers and those browsing for travel accessories, second-party data has helped us reach the right audience and expand Canon’s brand message.”

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Matt Gorman

Director of Sales, Ecomm, and Strategy, Canon

ownerIQ has helped us grow and scale tremendously finding customers Spotix never had a chance of getting in front of. Since partnering with ownerIQ, we have seen a 21% increase in orders; a 17% increase in order size, and 24% increase in revenue as whole and because of that we doubled our team size and moved to the a new space.”

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Adam Kahler

Digital Director, Spotix

We were looking for somebody to bring something different to the table in terms of the set of data that would add to what we were doing. That’s where ownerIQ came in, where they said, "We have these partnerships with retailers, and brands. We can get you on a new set of data that no one else really had." Overall, ownerIQ for at least a few clients has been one of our best performing partners.”

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Sean Corcoran

EVP, Executive Director - The Americas at Mediahub

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