The Second-Party Data Solution

Platform for managing and activating retailers and brands’ shopping and purchasing data in programmatic environments with full transparency.

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The ownerIQ Difference

We offer retailers and brands a complete second-party data solution to support their entire digital marketing and monetization agenda at scale.

  • Activate your data to support digital co-op ad budgets
  • Monetize your data asset and generate high margin ad revenue
  • Build pools of new prospects using second-party data from 100’s of other
    brands and retailers
  • Generate deep analytics on your customers’ precise retail shopping
    and buying behavior
  • Create a complete attribution suite to measure all your digital marketing activity
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Second-party data and the future of data transparency

Second-party data is the first party data of another organization. Leveraging this type of data, buyers have full transparency into data source and greater confidence in its accuracy. As data buyers and owners continue to demand solutions that brings them closer together, second-party will become the dominant form of data.

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Retailers and Brands Take Second-Party Data To Next Level

Second-party data strategies are mainstream in the retail ecosystem. The majority of retailers and brands use marketing technology to acquire, share, or exchange data assets, with full transparency, to support their digital marketing programs or to monetize their data.