The Leading 1st and 2nd Party Data Solution

ownerIQ vertically integrates 1st and 2nd party data management and execution into a single platform for retailers and brands

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ownerIQ has built the market’s first and only single-platform solution designed to support the full suite of 1st and 2nd party data programs that are now part of every retailer and brand’s digital marketing playbook. At the center of our platform is the largest marketplace of 2nd party retail shopping and purchasing data.

Marketing tech stacks comprised of disparate software have high economic and opportunity costs. With ownerIQ, you can achieve optimal results for your direct-to-consumer and retail campaigns while improving your workflow and cost structure.

Data Marketplace

1st party data executions

  • Transform your data assets (web browsing, e-commerce, Mobile, CRM, POS, product feed, etc.) into marketing assets
  • Organize 1st party data into precise shopping & buying segments for programmatic
  • Build models of your best customers to create large pools of new prospects
  • Connect your digital advertising efforts to attributable sales, in-store and online

2nd party data executions

  • Turn your data assets into a digital co-op ad product
    to support merchant teams
  • Leverage 2nd party data from your brand and retail partners in your marketing program
  • Generate data revenue through customized monetization programs
  • Access 2nd party data of non-endemic brands and retailers for targeting and insights
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